When you build a new home, you may think twice while choosing between “volume builders” or “custom builders”. Discover the leading differences between the two to help you choose the one that best suits you.

Design and Layout

Collaborating with a custom house builder allows you to readily customise your layout and façade, which is a significant advantage over engaging with a volume home builder. Though some volume builders can still personalise your home to meet your needs, not all customisations are possible to the level at which you desire.

Moreover with a custom builder, you have full control over the specs and amenities for your new house, permitting you to tailor it to your lifestyle, preferences, and finances. Some custom builders include in-house interior decorators and colour advisors that may assist you in making decisions and make the project more fun and interesting.


If you’re willing to employ one of their pre-designed plans, volume builders can be less expensive than custom builders. Surprisingly, when you assess the final turn-key result, they are generally pretty close in cost.

A volume builder will give you a fixed price. It’s worth noting that their fixed base price frequently excludes items like AC, heating systems, car parks, decks, gardening, floor coverings, lighting, and power outlets. It is also important to note that a volume builder in many cases will not build on sloping land.

With a custom builder, you’ll have an estimate tailored to your needs and preferences often with a wider selection of installations to choose from. This ranges from the material used to the style you want and need. A custom designer will work within your budget and let you have the freedom to do what you want – whether you want a fully finished home or want to leave some loose ends for later.

Time Certainty

You’ll have to book an appointment with a volume builder, who may have a lot of other projects that take precedence over yours.

But this won’t be the case with custom builders. Because each project is controlled independently, custom builders provide more control. If there are any problems or modifications that need to be made, they will address that instantly.


Custom builders operate with the terrain, considering existing trees, adjacent homes, views, and gradients. Each house is meticulously built and personalised to fit each lot. You receive special attention paid to lowering site costs and avoiding costly retaining walls. On the other hand, volume builders don’t have this option for you and are more stringent in their approach to land they build on and the limitations of areas due to lack of customisation options.

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